Church becoming more open to change

“We have a strong focus on the community.”

“We do well regarding the worship on a Sunday morning.” – Rev Dr David Kriel, mission planner, Uniting Church in WA.

These are the strengths of the Uniting Church in WA which came out of the Listening Workshop, held in April. There was a buzz around the room as 80 participants who are associated  with the Uniting Church in WA participated in an informal discussion and feedback session on the future of the church. After analysing strengths and weaknesses, David found that the group felt these strengths reflect the core purpose of the church: worship, witness and service, as outlined in the Basis of Union. Continue Reading

Speak up for the future

The Strategy and Mission Planning Commission are in a process of conducting ‘scenario planning’ for the Uniting Church in WA. This is the second article in a series on this vital  project.

Perth is a changing city. The Committee for Perth, a think tank and advocate group for the Perth region say that Perth is experiencing such a high rate of growth, that by 2050 the city  will have a population of 3.5 million, up from 1.9 million. This obviously has major repercussions for the community, traffic and housing – but what about the church?

Rev David Kriel, mission planner for the Uniting Church in WA, believes the church needs to think seriously about this future.Continue Reading