NYALC: Coming home

When I arrived at the National Young Adult Leaders’ Conference (NYALC) I knew one person… vaguely. We’d exchanged  one or two tired words on our 5.00am flight from Perth. In total, this was my 2nd Uniting Church event. I didn’t know what to expect and new social situations usually make me feel gross.

I hate ‘icebreakers’, but found myself feeling easier by proxy: there was an atmosphere that really did break the ice. I didn’t  want to come with reservations, but I was also excited because of where I’d come from and what I was looking to find. I’m  from a different denomination. My mate Richard Telfer, First Third specialist for the Uniting Church in WA, was at a Love  Makes a Way action and said I could go in his place. I had to call him and ask what ‘Presbytery’ and ‘Synod’ meant for the  application form as they are words we don’t have in my church. Continue Reading