Celebrate the Harvest

Kids’ Camp Out (KCO) was all about celebrating the harvest this year, with children from all over WA coming together to spend time with their congregations and get to know people  from others. In a relaxed atmosphere, campers, junior leaders and leaders enjoyed a weekend of craft, games, Godly Play storytelling, worship and singing. The Feast, held on the  Saturday night with an extended welcome to people of all ages, was a vibrant celebration made all the more fun by the Byford Footprints Band who entertained dancing guests into the  evening.Continue Reading

KCO: Your place is waiting

Whether you’re young or old, there’s a place at the table for you at this year’s Kids Camp Out (KCO). Primary aged kids (years 2 – 7) are invited to take part as campers in the weekend,  while young people aged 13–17 can still join in with their congregations as well as being part of the Junior Leader Program.Continue Reading