Wobbly Christianity

Sometimes we stand and we know what we stand for. Sometimes we fall and we are tripped over by our lack of attention and focus.

Sometimes we just wobble.

We wobble when we celebrate God’s awesome creation and then add to the pollution of God’s world. We wobble when we claim to follow a Jesus who was poor while we chase a dream of luxury  and affluence. We wobble when we speak about being inclusive while we ignore people who are different to us. We wobble when we talk of justice for others while we can so easily become   self-absorbed and self-interested. We wobble when we preach the timeless gospel and do it in outdated and irrelevant ways.

Maybe this side of the full kingdom of God, we will struggle to run the race of faith and walk the way of Jesus without some wobbles.

This edition of Revive reminds us that Jesus did not wobble when it came to loving, serving, advocating and acting for others. Scot McKnight reminds us that Jesus as a Galilean prophet had a job  description a bit like this. Continue Reading