MasterChef star helps support refugees

MasterChef Australia 2013 contestant Rishi Desai has helped raise over $385,000 during the Act for Peace Ration Challenge last week. The fundraising initiative, run by international aid agency Act for Peace, challenged people from around Australia to eat the exact same Rations as a Burmese refugee for during Refugee Week, June 14th-20th. Participants received a ration kit at the start of the week that comprised a small amount of split peas, salt, oil, flour and fish paste.

Rishi supported the 1,500 Ration Challenge participants by providing recipes and tips on how to best cook the limited rations. He said: “Being part of the Ration Challenge made me realise the struggle refugees face getting a square meal everyday while we take our food for granted. I hope the recipes help with this challenge and raise awareness about the refugee struggle in our community.

Rishi’s Ration Challenge recipes were a far cry from the delicious and inspired Indian cuisine that made him a viewers’ favourite on Australia’s most popular cooking show. With the restricted ration ingredients of rice, split peas, salt, flour, oil and a small amount of fish, Rishi served up some creative ideas for participants including fish parathas, rice with tadka dal, flavoured vegetable oil, fried rice and fish ravioli.

Participants from all over Australia agreed the challenge was tough, but worth it.Continue Reading

Share with others around the world this Christmas

It’s easy at Christmas to get caught up in our own lives, giving peace, joy, hope and love to those around us. But it’s just as easy to extend that joy of giving to people around the world, remembering that while we celebrate and live with excess, others are struggling to get by day-to-day. There are so many ways you can help others globally, through development, peacebuilding and aid agencies.

UnitingWorld – Everything in Common

Over the past five years your gifts of goats, chickens and bees have created a buzz in the lives of people from Tonga to Timor, helping break the cycle of poverty and bring about peace. More than $1.3 million generated through the Uniting Church’s very own gift catalogue, Everything in Common, has been injected into community development, ministry and leadership projects that give people the power to take control of their futures.

Everything in Common is based on the example of the early Christians who literally held ‘everything in common’ so that no one would be in need. Every gift you give through this program goes directly to projects that support Uniting Church partners in some of the most challenging parts of our world.

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Attacks on innocent civilians in Israel conflict must stop

International humanitarian and development organisation ACT Alliance and Act for Peace, the international aid agency of the National Council of Churches in Australia, have condemned the attacks on civilians and called on the international community to act immediately to stop the escalating violence between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory. The alliance is calling for an urgent ceasefire, followed by intensive diplomatic intervention involving all parties including the international community, to deal with the actual causes of  the conflict. The call comes as the world witnesses the worst violence between Israel and Palestine in recent years. More than 500 people have lost their lives and thousands more have been injured with over 900,000 being displaced from their homes.Continue Reading