Health seminar unlocks perfect portions

Juniper, a Uniting Church in WA agency and one of Western Australia’s largest providers of retirement, residential and home aged care, brings a free information session for seniors, families and friends to help people maintain a healthy weight.

Ever wanted to know the difference between a portion and a serve and how it can enable you to lose weight? Or how to read those confusing numbers in food packaging?Continue Reading

Comings and goings: Church life is full of them

Sunday 4 May was a significant date in the life of Willetton Uniting Church and in the ministry of Rev Caroline Gepp. It marked the conclusion of her 10 year placement with this congregation. Caroline conducted a special liturgy of Eucharist and as part of the service the moderator, Rev Ron Larkin, presided over the formal release and breaking of the ties from her induction vows made at Willetton 10 years ago.

With a full church and some joyful singing – not to mention the sumptuous morning tea – the occasion was well and truly marked. Caroline leaves with the love of the congregation and the expectation that her future ministry will be fulfilling. Continue Reading

Nonviolence on the streets


On Wednesday 16 April a group of 11 Christian leaders from a range of denominations were arrested in Subiaco, Perth. Their crime? Speaking up for over  1,000 children who are held in indefinite detention in Australia. Otherwise known as trespassing.

The group, including Paul Montague, First Third specialist for the Metro South Region of the Uniting Church in WA, were arrested in the office of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, as they prayed and asked for a response to the question: why are kids in detention?

A similar event was also held in Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s office a few weeks prior, and just days before going to print, two nonviolent sit-ins were held resulting in  arrest, one in Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s office, the other in the office of the leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten. Included in these arrests was the moderator of the New South  Wales/Australian Capital Territory Synod, Rev Dr Brian Brown, past president of the Uniting Church in Australia, Rev Alistair Macrae, and three more Uniting Church ministers. Continue Reading

This is Africa: On travelling happy

It might have been taken as a compliment: the minister for mining in Zambia offering me a job in government (never mind my training as a Speech  Pathologist) as I stood in a cemetery car park between two black land rovers with my friend and a multitude of government officials, wearing my  backpacking sandals and a skirt that didn’t meet the knee…

“Welcome to Zambia, TIA (this is Africa)” exclaimed my friend…. and so began my journey through South East Africa, Morocco, Southern Europe and across to Turkey.

When I was approached to write a brief article for Revive about my trip, I was told it didn’t have to be churchy or religious. ‘Good!’ I thought to myself, because the purpose of my trip  was a big holiday; a big self indulgent adventure! Continue Reading

Worthwhile work

Just before the Christmas close of the FinUCAre office, I was submitting a Home Utility Grant Scheme (HUGS) application on our front office administrator’s computer as all the office computers had been stolen during a break-in. An elderly lady came in, very distressed, and spoke to Corryn, our front office administrator, about her Synergy bill and her need to see a  specialist about her medical condition who required payment up front or she wouldn’t be able to see him. Continue Reading

The gift of being UnitingWorld national director

In April, I conclude seven years as National Director of UnitingWorld to take up congregational ministry. As I look towards that role, one of my first thoughts concerns how I will  enable the congregation to engage globally.

How will I support children and adults who have been baptised to meet, at least in their imagination, their brothers and sisters in faith across the globe? How I will I help those coming for confirmation to have a deep sense of being bound to people beyond their locality? How will I help nourish disciples to act with the  people suffering injustice not reported in popular media? How will I guide the congregation in experiencing God beyond the constraints of Western culture? Continue Reading