Call for protection of Aboriginal heritage sites

The Uniting Church WA calls on the State and Federal Governments to protect ancient Aboriginal heritage sites by reforming Aboriginal Heritage Acts, in close consultation with Traditional Owners. They also called for Traditional Owners and knowledge holders to retain access and control over Aboriginal Heritage sites.

The decisions were made at the 44th Annual Meeting of the Synod of WA where more than 150 Uniting Church members from around Western Australia came together to discuss issues of importance in the life of the Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Western Australia, and the wider community this weekend, Friday 11 to Sunday 13 September.Continue Reading

Be inspired to act this Sustainable September

Rev Gordon Scantlebury, Uniting Church WA minister and member of the Social Justice Commission, has prepared this year’s Sustainable September resources. The Uniting Church WA, through the Social Justice Commission, resources the church for Sustainable September each year as part of the World Council of Churches’ Season of Creation.

Gordon invites you to reflect and take part. Continue Reading

Moderator’s Column: Looking back, looking forward

Rev Steve Francis will step down as Moderator of the Uniting Church WA on Friday 11 September. He reflects on his time in this role over the last six years.

As my time as Moderator is coming to a close, I was asked to write a reflection looking back over the past nearly six years and looking forward into the future.

When I was first elected Moderator at Synod in 2014 someone shook my hand and said “Condolences”. It was like they thought I got the booby prize in a raffle or worse. The experience of being a  two term Moderator has had some dark and deep disappointments. There have been moments when I felt something of the pain and struggle of being a church that is in slow decline and in danger of reaching a tipping point when renewal seems almost out of reach. Continue Reading

Virtual sleepover provides a window to the reality of homelessness

Most people can’t imagine what it would be like to sleep rough on the streets, but this is the reality for hundreds of people in Perth each and every night.

Uniting WA is inviting people to experience the discomfort of homelessness for just one night.

Held from 1 to 9 August, the Uniting Virtual Sleepover allows people the experience virtual homelessness from home. It’s a chance to connect with friends, work colleagues and the community to feel what it’s like to sleep rough for a single night.Continue Reading

Fire up the barbie for Aussie farmers

With 2020 having already delivered the worst bushfire season on record, floods, a pandemic, and little relief from a nine-year drought, Frontier Services, Australia’s oldest bush charity, is calling on Aussies far and wide to re-unite with family and friends and host a Great Outback BBQ this September to December, in support of our farmers doing it tougher than ever.

From September, Frontier Services, a Uniting Church non-profit organisation dedicated to providing critical face to face support for farmers and grazers in rural communities, is once again encouraging the public to demonstrate a show of mateship and solidarity for our hardworking farmers by gathering a few mates together, buying Aussie produce and hosting a Great Outback BBQ.Continue Reading

Uniting Church WA calls for no-one to be left behind in Refugee Week

During Refugee Week 2020, the Uniting Church Western Australia is calling on all levels of Government to do their part to make sure that refugees and people seeking asylum are not left behind amid the pressures of the COVID-19 crisis.

Rev Steve Francis, Moderator of the Uniting Church WA said, “It has been so encouraging to see the caring spirit of our communities and our politicians as they put aside traditional divides to make sure we all get through this COVID-19 crisis. Continue Reading