Uniting Church says State Climate Policy is a missed opportunity that leaves WA falling behind


Susy Thomas, Moderator of the Uniting Church WA, today expressed her disappointment at the lack of action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the WA State Climate Policy released this week.

“There are lots of promising project announcements collated here, many of which are welcome starting points, but what we are really looking for in a State Climate Policy are concrete parameters and an overarching plan for how to transition our economy and reduce emissions,” she said. Continue Reading

Moderator’s Morning Tea: Encouraging one another and working together

This year’s Moderator’s Morning Tea was held on Thursday 19 November at Trinity Residential College, giving Susy Thomas, Moderator of the Uniting Church WA, a chance to thank leaders of the Uniting Church WA family for the work they do, as well as providing them an opportunity to come together and share their experiences and hopes.

Amanda Hunt, CEO of Uniting WA, Melanie Kiely, CEO of Good Sammy Enterprises, and Dr Alec O’Connell, Headmaster of Scotch College were the guest speakers who shared on the theme of ‘Encouraging one another and working together.’Continue Reading

“If necessary, use words”: Induction service at Northway Uniting Church

Rev Dr Sonny Rajamoney was Inducted into Northway Uniting Church, in Beldon, on Sunday 8 November.

Susy Thomas, Moderator of the Uniting Church WA, delivered the Proclamation of the Word.

Sonny responded to his Induction and thanked the Presbytery of WA, members of the congregation, and his family for supporting his call to ministry at Northway Uniting Church. He said he is inspired to minister with the church in a new world.  Continue Reading

Creating jobs and safer social housing with energy efficient upgrades

The Uniting Church WA Social Justice Unit has teamed up with the Uniting Church Vic Tas, urging people to write to their local MPs asking for a greater investment in housing energy efficiency upgrades for social housing and low-income households.

The Uniting Church in Australia and the Uniting Church WA have always held particular concerns about the most vulnerable in our community, as well as minimising impacts on the environment. A simple way to address both of these concerns is by ensuring that people in social housing can reduce their electricity and gas costs through the provision of energy-efficient housing design, materials and appliances.Continue Reading

Ending COVID for all

UnitingWorld have joined with the Micah Australia coalition to urge the Australian Government to provide vital support to vulnerable nations during the COVID-19 crisis. UnitingWorld believes the government can achieve this by protecting the world’s most vulnerable people, strengthening health systems, and kick-starting economic recovery.

A toolkit for churches is available on the UnitingWorld website containing links to video content, sermon notes, facts and statistics, ideas and resources for how to share the campaign with your church, and a letter template and instructions to write to your MP. Continue Reading