‘The Stations’ online provide Easter reflection

With Easter approaching and physical worship gatherings not taking place due to restrictions amid the COVID-19 outbreak, churches are preparing to acknowledge and celebrate Easter in a whole new way.

Rev Don Dowling, retired Minister and member at Margaret River Uniting Church, has made available a series of video resources which could be used for personal reflection or online group discussions, themed around the 2014 Stations of the Cross Art Exhibition, held at Uniting Church in the City, Wesley Perth.Continue Reading

Busselton shines a virtual light

With worship services in WA closing due to COVID-19, churches are in a new (to some) space of keeping connected. Physical distancing is vital to lowering the impact of this virus, and thus needs to be taken seriously.

In good news, physically distancing does not have to mean socially isolating ourselves. In fact, with modern technology we can be more socially connected than ever, with an increase in online activity.

Busselton Uniting Church have been one of many to take up this opportunity, offering online resources for families or individuals to use while we are all practising physical distancing. Each Friday, Rev Andrew Broadbent, Minister at Busselton Uniting Church, will upload a video message and an accompanying PDF resource with prayers, reflection questions and links to traditional and contemporary music. Continue Reading

Love in a time of Coronavirus

We have all seen or heard the stories. Maybe we have told some ourselves? I certainly have. “It was unbelievable at the shops! Empty shelves everywhere, the carpark was a nightmare!”

As inconvenient and even stressful as this is, there are of course impacts for some people that are harder to see in the struggle to adapt to the impacts of COVID-19. Many of us know people who are immuno-compromised, have an existing medical condition or are simply in an older age bracket that is more vulnerable to the virus.Continue Reading

Exciting growth in POD program

This year, for the first time in a long time, the Uniting Church WA has seen a jump in the number of people undertaking a Period of Discernment (POD). From just six people at the beginning of  2019, there are now 14 people who have entered the POD program.

A Period of Discernment with the Uniting Church WA is an opportunity for members to explore where their call from God might be leading them. While it is necessary to undertake a POD to begin candidacy for ministry in the Uniting Church, people may enter the program for a range of other reasons. It is a year-long journey of reflection on God’s call. Continue Reading