Building relationships, growing leadership

Revive has previously reported on the relationship between All Saint’s Floreat Uniting Church and the people of Mowanjum, a remote Aboriginal community near Derby. Volunteers from the congregation have been running school holiday programs for the Mowanjum kids for several years now, in response to disturbing statistics on youth suicide in the area. The  program has had a positive effect in Mowanjum, and people from the Floreat congregation are also seeing effects among their own community. Continue Reading

All-age ministry continues at Trinity North

Richard TelferFirst Third’s newest team member may be recognisable to some, as Trinity North Uniting Church welcomed Richard Telfer to their ministry team in November. Richard has previously worked as a First Third specialist for the South Metro region but had to return to Sydney for family reasons. Now back in Perth, Richard is excited to be able to share his knowledge of First Third theology and principles with the Metro North region, specifically with the Trinity North congregation.Continue Reading

Simplifying ministry: Getting back to basics

One of the most common forms of youth ministry, past and present, has been to organise as many awesome events for kids and young people as we can, in an attempt to keep them interested and not straying elsewhere. But when you think about all the competing demands on their time – sport, BBQs, friends, late nights out – it’s not hard to see why lots of young people don’t put church towards the top of the list.Continue Reading

Homemade giving at Christmas

In the Christmas story, three wise men bring gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus to celebrate the birth. Gift giving is a great way to show you care about the  people in your life and homemade gifts are even better. They cost less, are fun to make, and mean so much more to the person receiving them. Parents and grandparents especially  love receiving homemade gifts which they can keep as you grow up, as a reminder of when you were young.Continue Reading

To leap or not to leap?

Sarah Mills Menogue

Have you ever wanted to just drop everything you’re doing in life, and take it in a different direction? Or maybe you want to start up a new project which arises from your ultimate  passion.

Taking a leap of faith can be a daunting thought – how do you know others will be as passionate about your idea as you are? How do you know you’re not just setting yourself up for failure  and humiliation? I guess you don’t – which is why it’s a leap of faith.Continue Reading