Cards, Carols and Claus: Christmas in popular culture and progressive Christianity, by Rex A E Hunt

Cards, Carols and ClausIn his latest book, (released in time for Christmas) Rex A E Hunt, a retired Uniting Church minister suggests the festival called Christmas is a celebration still “under construction”. He describes it as “a weaving of story, myth, customs and ritual, which since its inception has been debated, ignored, celebrated, banned and from the mid 1800s, reinvented”. Continue Reading

The Good Life: What makes a life worth living? by Hugh Mackay

The Good LifeIn his introductory chapter Hugh Mackay looks at the Utopia complex being sold to us by business, the media and general societal pressure. He suggests that the pursuit of  happiness can actually make you miserable. We seem to think that happiness is our default position whereas often we grow through pain. Wholeness can involve the whole range of emotions and  experiences. Continue Reading

Sophia and Daughters, by Rosalie Sugrue

Sophia & Daughters

In Sophia & Daughters, Rosalie Sugrue offers reflections on 29 wise women from the Bible, some expressed in dialogue form. Some of the women such as Eve, Sarah, Esther, Ruth,  Martha and Lydia are reasonably well known. Others such as Mahlah, Achsah, the wife of  Manoah, Joanna and the wife of Cleopas are largely buried in the biblical text. Continue Reading