A blast from the past

Albany museum pic 1The Wesley Museum, at Albany Wesley Uniting Church, was the inspiration of Rev John Phillipson, who collected and displayed historical photos, artefacts and papers in ‘The  Upper Room’ – the balcony in Wesley Church.

His work was enlarged on and reorganised some years later by Bonnie Hicks, whose information boards form the basis of the present museum. The museum is now situated in more spacious accommodation in Centenary Hall and has again been extended to include many historical books, one of which is a very old Bible and a complete set of Methodist  Conference Reports.Continue Reading

A desitiny together: Justice for Australia’s First Peoples

In July 2012 in Adelaide, the members of the 13th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia listened to members of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) tell stories about the effects of the Federal Stronger legislation (and before that) on their lives and the lives of their communities.Continue Reading

Mystery Church a hard nut to crack

A recent photo of what was St Paul's Presbyterian Church in Northam

A recent photo of what was St Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Northam

Since the appearance of the building has changed a fair bit, last editions’ mystery photo was a hard one to crack. Laura Fox, however, from Northam Uniting Church, has come through  with the goods, sharing that the building was in fact the St Pauls Presbyterian Church, Northam. Continue Reading

Girl’s Education: Breaking the cycle of conflict and poverty

Adela in class at Charbagh-E-Safa Girls High School in Jalalabad.

Adela in class at Charbagh-E-Safa Girls High School in Jalalabad.

Afghanistan is one of the hardest places in the world to be educated if you are a girl. Thirty years of chronic instability and conflict, and the almost   complete lack of educational opportunities for children under the Taliban, have had a dramatic impact on children’s education and wellbeing in Afghanistan.

But things are changing. Afghan women and local communities are confronting injustice all over the country and education is  proving to be the key to a better future.Continue Reading