Support for medicinal cannibis

The Uniting Church, Synod of Western Australia yesterday agreed to support the changing of Western Australian law so that doctors can prescribe medicinal cannabis to be administered under supervision.

The proposal was brought by the Synod of Western Australia’s Social Justice Board and asks that the Western Australian Parliament, in conjunction with the National Drug Research Institute, explore options for the appropriate availability of medical cannabis.

Uniting Church in Australia, Western Australia, Acting General Secretary, Rosemary Hudson Miller noted that the success of the use of medicinal cannabis was evidence-based.

“More than 20 American states, as well as many countries, including Canada, Israel, the Netherlands and Switzerland, allow the medical use of cannabis,” said Rosemary.Continue Reading

Pilgrimage to Living Waters

On Friday 15 August, nine intrepid ‘pilgrims’ set out from the Dongara Uniting Church to follow a trail around the Irwin River and estuary. The weather was glorious and the setting magnificent. Our planned route included trekking across the bar, but this was adjusted as the river mouth was open. Having the Shire bus to help transport those not able to walk the full distance meant the whole group could instead move together from the lookout on Church Street to the boardwalk in Ocean Drive. We were delighted to have Jess Rowe and her daughter Sue with us and our friend Viv, who had walked with us last year, as well as several first-time pilgrims.

‘Water For Life’ was the theme of the event this year, celebrating the wonderful and amazing qualities of the gift of water for this water-dependent planet. A pilgrimage booklet was available for every person, with text extracted from the book Downstream From Eden by David L Knight. This booklet also contained portions of some of the psalms and wisdom writings from the Bible. Further reflections came from a book of modern Psalms written by a New Zealand woman. At each of seven ‘stations’ along the way the group stopped and shared in readings from the pilgrimage booklet which opened insights into the complex nature of water. Here we expanded our understanding of how amazing this substance is, how chameleon-like it can be, changing in appearance and quality according to characteristics of surrounding air and earth.Continue Reading

Welcome Muralee

The Uniting Church in WA is delighted to announce that Muralee Nair has joined as the new Insurance and Risk Manager. Muralee has a wealth of experience in insurance and risk management, his most  recent role being with the Silverchain Group in Perth from 2006 to 2014.

In his spare time, Muralee enjoys spending time with his family, attending yoga classes and playing soccer with his sons.

Feel free to contact Muralee on (08) 9260 9832 or at to discuss any insurance matters.

WA’s newest faith community

With joy, members of the recent Annual Meeting of the Synod and Presbytery recognised and welcomed the Eaton Millbridge Community Project (EMCP) as the  Uniting Church in WA’s newest faith  community.

Almost three years ago, a fresh expression of church, the EMCP was planted as a form of church for our changed culture and primarily, for the benefit of people who currently have no connection to the  church. The EMCP practices incarnational mission through acts of loving service, listening and  radical hospitality in the community of Eaton and Millbridge. Regular events held in local parks, such as  Easter egg hunts, Movies by Moonlight, Christmas events and most recently a Spring Fiesta draw in crowds from the local community. Continue Reading

Scarborough smoking ceremony

Sam Dinah, prison chaplain and member of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) recently conducted a smoking ceremony at Scarborough Uniting Church. Ben Tanner,  congregation member, said, “It was a very moving ceremony and had the congregation examining their thoughts on the place of our Aboriginal brothers in our church and society today. Our love and  prayers are for Sam and the work he has committed himself to at the prisons.”

Memorial plaque for servicemen and women

On Sunday 9 February at Guildford Uniting Church, Wesley Chapel, a special Dedication Service was conducted for the Sumatra Memorial Plaque. The dedication was preparatory to the plaque’s approaching placement in the Changi War Museum in Singapore, beside many other Regimental and commemorative plaques, on Saturday 22 February. A couple of years ago, Nola Elizabeth Hudson who turned 101 in April, made contact with family members to enquire how she could commemorate both family and friends who were lost and/or incarcerated  during the Malayan campaign of 1942.

Nola’s grandchildren took up her cause and after extensive consultation with the Australian Branch of the Malayan Volunteers Group and the Changi War Museum, a plaque was  developed to commemorate the British, Australian, Dutch, New Zealand, Chinese and Eurasian men, women and children and the Allied servicemen and women who suffered severe  deprivation during three and a half years captivity at Muntok on Banka Island, and in Palembang and Loeboek Lingau camps on Sumatra from 1942–1945, as well as the many people who were killed in the evacuation of Singapore. An overall feeling of the fortitude and bravery shown by those held captive in the many camps within Sumatra was apparent to the congregation. Continue Reading

Going further together

The Eastern Wheatbelt Uniting Churches welcomed their new minister, as Rev John McKane was inducted into the region on Sunday 24 August at Mukinbudin Uniting Church. John is now the new minister at Muckinbudin, Merredin, Bruce Rock and Southern Cross Uniting Churches.

John has come to the region fresh from Johannesburg, South Africa, where he had been serving as a minister to the Linden Presbyterian Church. He said that he considers the local church to be the hope of the world.

“If you want to go fast, you go alone,” John said. “If you want to go far, go together.” Continue Reading

Zak shares ministry and mission with Bicton


Rev Zak Cronje was inducted into Bicton Uniting Church on Sunday 10 August. Zak moved to Australia from South Africa in 2001 and has previously served in ministry with the Eastern Wheatbelt and Maylands/Mt Lawley Uniting Churches. He has also been involved with various councils within the church including in ecumenical and community settings. He was ordained in the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa in 1979.

Rosemary Hudson Miller, acting general secretary of the Uniting Church in WA said at the induction “Zak comes to Bicton today with a great sense of passion for Jesus as his Lord. He knows well the power of God at work in people’s lives and enjoys sharing in the ministry and mission of God with others and together seeing positive change take place. Continue Reading

Perth’s top chefs cooking for a cause

Get down to Perth Arena for a unique pop up lunch event on Friday 29 August and find some of Perth’s top chefs cooking up a storm using food rescued by local organisation Food Rescue. Between 12noon and 2.00pm, four chefs will be creating a range of delicious take away lunches for Perth’s hungry CBD workers.

Russell Blaikie from Must Winebar, Don Hancey WA Food Ambassador, Vince Garreffa from Mondo Meats and Sophie Budd from Taste Budds Cooking Studio will all be drawing the crowds, and sharing their culinary skills by making four different, delicious treats for you to choose between – all while supporting an amazing organisation.

“As a chef it upsets me to see perfectly usable fresh food being discarded as landfill, when it could be put to good use in meals for people that may have suffered hardships in life. Food Rescue provides that fresh-food conduit to people who are in need of nutritious, fresh produce,” said Russell Blaikie.

“When I was asked to come on board, I felt compelled to help out in any way I could; in doing so I found a wonderful group of volunteers who make the organisation viable, they are the quiet heroes of Food Rescue, and it is deeply satisfying and humbling to lend a hand.”Continue Reading

We’ll love Muslims 100 years


Uniting Church leaders from across Australia are joining interfaith and ecumenical friends today in a statement of solidarity with Australia’s Muslim community.

Uniting Church in Australia President Rev Prof Andrew Dutney is one of more than 150 faith and community leaders who’ve signed on to a declaration that “We’ll Love Muslims 100 Years.”

The statement is a reference to the banner headline in the Weekend Australian on 9 August “We’ll Fight Islam 100 Years.”

“Recent public statements and media coverage about Muslim-Australians in some sections of the Australian media have been inflammatory and divisive,” said Andrew.

“In our multi-faith society, Jesus’ call to love your neighbour means that Christians are called to meet, befriend and care about our neighbours who are Muslim.”

“Because of this, we can’t just stand by if they are unfairly insulted or marginalised.”Continue Reading