Social Justice Officer role filled

In somewhat challenging circumstances, Gabi Nind has begun her new role with the Uniting Church WA as Social Justice Officer. This position was previously held by Kate Leaney, who has returned to her home-town of Adelaide.

Staff of the Uniting Church Centre are currently working from home due to physical distancing restrictions amid COVID-19.Continue Reading

Finding guidance through gospel meditations

A weekly meditation session that is usually held at Willetton Uniting Church has gone online for the duration of COVID-19 restrictions, with positive results.

Rev Lorraine Stokes, Minister at Willetton Uniting Church, regularly runs the meditation sessions on Thursday mornings in a corner of the worship space, with a handful of people. When COVID-19 restrictions meant they could no longer meet in person, Lorraine started up an online session via Zoom technology.Continue Reading

Tree of Hope brightens the day

Inspired by ‘Rainbow Trails’ and ‘Teddy Bear Hunts’ going on in local communities all over the world to raise the spirits of people living with physical distancing restrictions due to COVID-19, Marlene Carroll, with the help of Carol McLaughlin, both from Trinity North Uniting Church, came up with the idea to spread some hope with neighbours around their church.

Marlene and Carol have hung colourful doves – a symbol of hope – from branches of a bottlebrush tree on the verge outside Trinity North Uniting Church Greenwood Worshipping Community.Continue Reading