Relief for the Philippines

When Super Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in early November, thousands of people were killed, and many more injured, displaced and left to rebuild their lives.

Since launching the Philippines Typhoon appeal not long after the tragedy, UnitingWorld has received over $30,000 from the generous support of individuals, businesses and congregations within the Uniting Church in Australia.Continue Reading

A simple act of humanity

The actor Aaron Pedersen got it in one.

When Australians get a chance to come together and vote at a referendum to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our Constitution, he said earlier this year, it  would be “a simple act of humanity.” He’s right.Continue Reading

Kindness and love: Simple principles of success

The South Perth Childcare Centre enjoyed a wonderful week of celebrations to commemorate the anniversary of its 20th birthday in October. Past  children, staff, members of the committee, parents, Uniting Church ministers and members of the South Perth Uniting Church congregation met  each evening to reminisce about their participation in the centre over the past 20 years.Continue Reading

More than you imagine: Everything in Common

Everything in CommonAustralians spent $8billion on beauty products, $14.1 billion on alcohol and $9.5 billion on gadgets last financial year. That being the case, it’s   sometimes hard to imagine exactly what we have in common with our neighbours in Asia, Africa and the Pacific, many of whom spend up to three  or four hours a day gathering water to drink.Continue Reading

More than we dreamed of

Khush AmadEn! Welcome! Welcome!

With these words, members of Perth’s Afghan community were warmly embraced as they arrived to support the final event of the Roshani Project for 2013, our Taste of Afghanistan dinner at South Perth Uniting Church in November.

In just 10 weeks from the launch of this project on 24 August to the dinner on 2 November, some 300 people participated in the project across 4 events – the launch and speaker night, the cricket afternoon, an onlin

e component which allowed those not in Perth to show their support, and of course the dinner. In addition to all the community involvement and outreach this project generated, almost $12,000 has been raised for TEAR’s work in Afghanistan with more coming in as Revive goes to print.

This has been a wonderful experience for us as a congregation, providing an opportunity to meet and share with so many people across our local community as well as other churches and of course our Afghan community friends. We feel greatly blessed by all the support we received. We  especially thank Andrew Broadbent and TEAR, Phil and Julie Sparrow, John Broadbent and the Nedlands Uniting Church Refugee Group, the  Afghan families who joined with us to make the dinner so special, and everyone who supported, assisted, encouraged and attended the various events during this intense but rewarding time.

Together we have made a difference. Thank you so much.

Judy Siddins

Sharing the dough around

Fundraising for Esperance Uniting Church for the last ten years or so has been a tasty endeavour thanks to their trusted donut machine. Selling donuts at various community events has given the congregation a pretty good reputation for the best donuts around. And now they’re sharing the love with other community groups who are also using the equipment to raise much needed funds for their own projects.Continue Reading

Living faith day to day

Lockridge locals hard at  work at the Lockridge Community  Garden. L-R: Bonnie Wykman, Sally Stone, Gary McGhee and  Dominic Lobworo Ogids.

Lockridge locals hard at work at the Lockridge Community Garden. L-R: Bonnie Wykman, Sally Stone, Gary McGhee and Dominic Lobworo Ogids.

While many Christians intentionally live their lives in the way of Jesus, Open Table build on that, as a group who seek to live as an intentional Christian community. In the Perth  suburb of Lockridge, the group pray together, dine together weekly and not only support local community, but are helping to create it. The group consists of three families, including a number of children. One of these families is currently away overseas, and one more is on the way to joining. Continue Reading