What ‘Makes you Wonder?’

The new Makes You Wonder app puts a program developed by Rev Dr Ian Robinson, while on beach mission, into the hands of people in their busy lives.

Ian said the materials were originally designed for “people being people and talking to each other about what was on their hearts. And if you open your heart to somebody, they meet the Jesus who lives there.

“Makes You Wonder is a resource which helps people connect with their communities and their world. The overall theme is to help people find their voice, with their own faith, in their own world.  It doesn’t ask people to run more programs, but put this kind of authenticity into the people you already are,” said Ian. Continue Reading

New aged care facility

Construction of a new 100-bed residential aged care facility in Perth’s southern suburb of Martin has commenced. This latest project for Juniper, a Uniting Church WA agency providing aged care, is one of many around the state including in Kununurra, Albany, Rowethorpe, Menora and Karrinyup.

Announcing the start of onsite work in May, Vaughan Harding, Chief Executive at Juniper,  said the project was a significant investment by the organisation as it works to double its capacity to respond to growing community need for aged care services.

“This exciting development will bring high quality residential accommodation, designed to provide a full continuum of care to frail, older Western Australians,” he said. “In addition to creating  more opportunities for employment in the aged care sector the new facility will provide cutting edge amenities with focus on quality design and construction.” Continue Reading

Sewing the seeds of change in West Papua

“I just wear my second pair of pants and stay in my house until it is over.”

This was the response from one of the young West Papuan women when asked what she usually does when she gets her period.

In many countries and regions, including West Papua, it is not uncommon for women and girls to withdraw from school, employment and social connection when they are menstruating. This can put them persistently behind in their education, risk their income security and place unfair stigma upon them. Coupled with poor hygiene practices and limited access to appropriate sanitary materials, girls can end up falling well behind in many of the development outcomes that groups like the UN suggest we should be trying to improve.

Enter Ann Gobby and Days for Girls.

Ann is a Uniting Church member and part of the Black Pearl Network that supports the development work of Uniting Church partner church, Gereja Kristen Injili Indonesia di Tanah Papua (GKI-TP).Continue Reading

Papuan students on learning, living and language

The 2017 Australian-Papuan Cultural Exchange Program (APCEP) cohort are on a mission to make their world a better place.

A group of students from from Papua and West Papua, where English is a valuable skill, have recently spent 12 weeks in Perth learning about Australian culture whilst studying English language.

“Learning English and being able to converse in English will open many doors for the students. They get to bring back their knowledge and share it with their community,” said APCEP program co-ordinator and host family volunteer, Lee-Anne Burnett.

APCEP began in 2010 and is managed by volunteers from the Black Pearl Network (BPN), a sub-group of the Creative Living Centre, part of Trinity North and Floreat Uniting Churches. The  program is in partnership with the Evangelical Christian Church in the Land of Papua. Continue Reading

Celebrating 40 years

Uniting Church groups around the country have celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Uniting Church in Australia. Enjoy this gallery of pics from celebrations at Floreat, Trinity North and Rockingham and Rowethorpe Uniting Churches, as well as Good Samaritan Industries (GSI).Continue Reading

From the Archives: Noonkanbah 1980

This year the Uniting Church in Australia celebrates its 40th anniversary. Throughout 2017, Revive will feature significant events in the life of the church during that time.

The Uniting Church is often talked about for its commitment to social justice. Over its 40 years, the Uniting Church WA has spoken and acted on a range of issues. In recent years, members of the Uniting Church have marched for refugee rights, action on climate change, marriage equality, pride and more. Church members have also spoken out on Indigenous rights and even the right to protest itself.

One of the earlier involvements of the Uniting Church WA in political actions was to protect land from mining at Noonkanbah Station, in the Kimberley, WA. In 1976, the land was pegged for oil exploration, causing tension with the State Government and the traditional owners of the land, the Yungngora people, over the desecration of sacred sites.

Members of the Noonkanbah community had asked the church to support them in their cause, resulting in the Uniting Church working closely with the Yungngora people during this time. A number of rallies were held in WA in support of the traditional owners of the land. Continue Reading

President’s 40th anniversary message: established in love

The Uniting Church in Australia will celebrate its 40th anniversary on Thursday 22 June. Stuart McMillan, President of the Uniting Church in Australia, shares his 40th anniversary message.

People of the Uniting Church in Australia, you have been planted with roots deep into the good soil of the gospel: you’ve been established in love. May the love of Christ dwell in your hearts and may this love that surpasses knowledge enable you to be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

I’m Stuart McMillan the National President and this is my prayer for you, the people of God of the Uniting Church in Australia. On this our 40th Anniversary, God’s word of grace to us from the Basis of Union is: Christ constitutes, rules and renews his church.

The reconciliation and renewal of the whole creation – this is the mission of God and in Christ we are collaborators.

I’m here in Kurrajong on the lower slopes of the Blue Mountains in Sydney’s north-west. I want to pay my respects to the Kurrajong Clan Nation, their elders past and present and all descendants of these sovereign First peoples.Continue Reading