Perth Faith groups join global demonstration for climate justice

Increasingly impatient that governments, corporations, and financial institutions have not addressed the climate crisis despite decades of warnings from scientists and mounting climate impacts, the Uniting Church WA joined with the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) and diverse faith communities around the globe in a co-ordinated action today under the banner of Faiths 4 Climate.

Ann Zubrick, Presiding Clerk of Quakers Australia joined the Western Australian branch of ARRCC as they gathered outside the office of Federal Member of Parliament, the Hon Steve Irons. Supporters in Bunbury also gathered outside the office of the Federal Member for Forrest, Hon Nola Marino MP. Continue Reading

Mission Plan starts with community connection

During its Mission Planning process in 2018, one of the disturbing learnings for Star Street Uniting Church in Carlisle was that we were virtually invisible in our local community.

While our building is on a busy intersection, it is not immediately identifiable as a church – many locals thought it was part of a nearby nursing home, or a business or offices. A few years ago an attractive mural to symbolise our church had been created on an outside wall, but it was clear we needed more. Few local residents knew about our church, what we did or what we stood for. Continue Reading

A church without a passenger seat

In May this year, Dr Deidre Palmer, who at the time was the President of the Uniting Church in Australia, invited young adults of the Uniting Church WA to join her for a conversation. This would be one of eight entries into her project, ‘Around the Table’, which aimed to collate and represent the direct experiences of young people across the Uniting Church in Australia. Continue Reading

Get involved in the Permanency Campaign

Living in a time of video calls and social distancing, it’s easy to feel unsure about what the future holds. Earlier this year many speculated about life on the other side of COVID-19.

Nine months on, that future remains uncertain. But for some members of our community, this precariousness has lasted much longer. For many refugees, a chance at a new life in Australia can mean living in uncertainty for eight or more years without knowing if they’ll be allowed to make their home here, or forced to return to the violence they sought safety from. Continue Reading

Reconnect with the Covenant

The Uniting Church WA, through the Social Justice Commission, has released a Covenanting resource for its congregations.

A Guide to Congregations in Walking Together as First and Second Peoples encourages and supports councils of the church to re-commit to the Covenant with the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC), to engage and deepen covenantal relationships, and to inspire the church to take action for creating change. Continue Reading

Recipe: Chicken Casserole

Anti Poverty Week will be held from Sunday 17 to Saturday 23 October.

Uniting Aid is a caring agency of the Uniting Church, supporting those receiving Centrelink payments in the City of Stirling. It started its life 40 years ago out of Dianella Uniting Church, offering donated food from the church vestry. Uniting Aid now operates out of church premises in Nollamara and helps families, single people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, those with disabilities, the culturally and linguistically diverse, those experiencing homelessness, and the elderly. The agency supports people with food every three  months and with utility bills once every twelve months. Continue Reading