On the banks of the River Pumba: Moderator Elect travels back to her childhood church

Susy Thomas, Moderator Elect of the Uniting Church WA, was invited to attend an annual Christian convention at the church she grew up in, in Kerala India. The conference was held in February this year, just before COVID-19 restrictions came into place. She shares her experience. Continue Reading

Uniting Church WA calls for no-one to be left behind in Refugee Week

During Refugee Week 2020, the Uniting Church Western Australia is calling on all levels of Government to do their part to make sure that refugees and people seeking asylum are not left behind amid the pressures of the COVID-19 crisis.

Rev Steve Francis, Moderator of the Uniting Church WA said, “It has been so encouraging to see the caring spirit of our communities and our politicians as they put aside traditional divides to make sure we all get through this COVID-19 crisis. Continue Reading

Refugee Week 2020: academics and activism


From 14 to 20 June we celebrate Refugee Week, welcoming those who have come into Australia and celebrating the valuable contribution refugees and people seeking asylum make to our society. The Uniting Church has always been a strong advocate for the rights of people fleeing persecution – but we are not alone in our calls for justice.

Wherever possible the Uniting Church seeks to collaborate with service providers to ensure we are reflecting the needs of people most in need. In the complex field of immigration issues it is also handy to have assistance from academic friends – like Dr Caroline Fleay. Continue Reading

Campaigners celebrate as WA ends imprisonment for unpaid fines

Campaigners are celebrating new laws passing the WA Parliament, effectively ending the imprisonment of Western Australians who can’t afford to pay off fines.

Amendments to the Fines, Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Act finally passed the Legislative Council last night. The Bill was broadly welcomed by multiple political parties, following a four-year campaign by 24 community organisations, including the Uniting Church WA and Uniting WA, under the leadership of Aboriginal led coalition Social Reinvestment WA (SRWA).Continue Reading

Now is the time to move towards a clean energy future

As the Federal Government make plans for Australia’s financial recovery from COVID-19, our Prime Minister is advocating for further investments into the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry, as a way of driving jobs and economic growth.

This World Environment Day, however, the Uniting Church WA is calling to use this opportunity to move towards clean energy.Continue Reading

Same storm, different boat: support for those who are falling through the cracks

During COVID-19 restrictions, you may have heard the phrase ‘we’re all in the same boat’, used as encouragement to look after each other and support each other through the new physical distancing rules.

You may have also seen a meme floating around the internet claiming that actually, ‘we’re not in the same boat, but we are in the same storm.’

This phrase is all too real for many people in WA who are falling through the cracks of the Federal Government’s COVID-19 financial support.Continue Reading