Revive Magazine Survey – March 2022

With the Revive magazine survey closing soon, we invite you to participate and tell us what you think about the publication. We are seeking your views on new and existing content, your reading preferences and more. The survey is anonymous and takes only 10 minutes to complete. You can access it here.

Revive is the Uniting Church WA’s flagship publication. It has a long history, being borne out of the Uniting Church’s inaugural magazine, Western Impact, which was first released in 1977. Revive has the widest reader distribution of any of the Uniting Church WA’s publications.

Revive is a uniting publication in that it features stories, not only of the Uniting Church Centre, but of Uniting Church agencies, schools, churches, faith communities and individuals – as well as topical news and feature stories of the moment. It is the Uniting Church WA’s only regularly published interface with the wider community.

The last review of Revive was in 2019. This resulted in a brand-new design and changes to the structure and layout of the magazine, as well as to the distribution. We made these changes at your request and we were delighted that they were all very well received. However, the trends and preferences of our readers continue to evolve and we have decided to seek your views yet again to continue to stay relevant and competitive.

Even if you are satisfied with the current Revive format, we still encourage you to complete the survey. Doing this is a vote for the magazine!

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