Student-designed Indigenous tie included in uniform at Wesley College

Two Year 12 students have created a stunning Indigenous school tie to be included in standard uniform. Here’s the inspiration behind its meaning.

The Reconciliation Action Plan is a key focus of the 2021 Year 12 cohort, and their gift to the College reflects this. College Captain, Samuel White along with Arthur Jones have designed an Indigenous school tie, the first piece of College-wide uniform that incorporates Indigenous design and in doing so celebrates and supports Indigenous students and culture in the college.

The tie shows the pathway a student takes through Wesley College, stopping along the way at significant milestones.

The yellow centre strip is the journey walked during school life and the marking inside the strip symbolise this.

The top right of the tie represents the community the students leave to begin their Wesley journey.

The first destination, shown by a kangaroo, is Junior School. The kangaroo, small and spritely, is representative of the size and shape you are when in this milestone destination.

As the journey along the path continues, the next milestone is Middle School. Represented by an emu, it symbolises the student getting bigger and starting to grow.

The student continues their journey to get to the Goanna nest, which represents the next significant milestone: Senior School.

You can see the Wesley gates, represented as a meeting place, at the bottom of the tie, where the journey through the College ends. The pathway ends with an incomplete water-hole, which symbolises the transition from the College out into the real world.

The tie will be available for purchase at the Uniform Shop from next year. It is an addition to the current uniform, and there will also be a scarf of the same design available for girls.

All profit from sales will be set aside in a Reconciliation Fund for our Moorditj Mob to fund projects within the College, such as art and other activities designed to aid our path to reconciliation.

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