Music Jamboree: Fun for all ages

On the first Thursday of the recent school holidays, the Uniting Generations Network held a Music Jamboree event at Nedlands Uniting Church which was very much an intergenerational afternoon.

With 12 children attending, there was also one teen aged helper, along with parents, grandparents, and leaders of varying ages.

Guest leader Kofi from Akwaaba African Drumming led a one hour drumming workshop and guests learnt how to drum on beautiful djembes hand carved in Ghana, and how to play the aslatua, a hand persussion instrument which creates both sandy shaking sounds and percussive clicks. Participants then used simple materials of brown paper, glue and pvc piping kindly donated by the Water Corp, with each child making a drum to take home.

Janine McDonald
Uniting Generations Co-ordinator, Uniting Church WA

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