Archivist Sheena Hesse retires after 18 years


Uniting Church WA Archivist Sheena Hesse, 83, retired on Friday 30 July, after 18 years in the role. Revive asked Sheena a few questions about her time with the Archives team.

How long did you work in the Archives team?

Five years as a volunteer, then 18 years as Archivist.

What sparked your interest in archives?

A love of history and an interest in the history of the Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian churches.

Which congregation do you belong to?

Toodyay Uniting Church, worshipping with St Stephen’s Anglican Church.

What was your occupation before you began volunteering in Archives?

School Library Officer.

Do you have a favourite memory from your time in Archives?

Working in the basement of Westminster House with Clive Hamer, Dick Mofflyn and Betty Pearson.

What will you miss?

The people I have had the pleasure of working with over these past years. They have all become close friends.

What won’t you miss?

Getting up at 5.30am to catch the AvonLink train and getting home at 6.50 at night.

What’s next for you?

Looking to volunteer at the Old Goal Museum in Toodyay and spending some time in our caravan, travelling in this vast country.

The Uniting Church WA thanks Sheena for her years of service and constant positivity. She will be greatly missed. We wish her all the best for the future.

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