Explore your calling at this year’s Ministry Expo

Are you looking for fulfilling work that spreads the Christian gospel of justice, love, and hope? Do you feel God may be calling you to ministry in the Uniting Church WA?

The Ministry Expo will provide you with information on the various possibilities for ministry for both lay and ordained in the Uniting Church.

At the expo, you will hear meet people who have walked the path or who are currently in ministry formation. You will learn about the various ministries of the church, what they involve and what it is like to serve in that ministry. You will also learn about how to engage in a Period of Discernment – a year-long journey of seriously considering God’s call on your life.

You can read more about Rev Sione Lea’aetoa’s experience doing a Period of Discernment here.

This year’s speakers are as follows:

  • Rev Sione Lea’aetoa, newly ordained minister will welcome us to St Andrews Uniting Church
  • Rev Lorraine Stokes will speak about being a Minister of the Word
  • Rev Andy Broadbent will speak about being a Deacon
  • Julie Ridden will speak about being a Pastor
  • Shirley Francis or Mary Riley will speak about being a Lay Preacher
  • Rev Steve Francis will speak about being a school chaplain.
  • Susan Sydney Smith will speak about doing a Period of Discernment
  • Samuel Annan will speak about the process of candidating and beginning formation.
  • Rev Dr Herman Neinaber will speak about transitioning from another church into the UCA
  • Rev Dr Anne Wright will speak about education opportunities available through CEDAL.
  • Susy Thomas will lead the closing prayers.

Are number of videos about the types of ministry in the Uniting Church WA are available to watch on YouTube, which congregations are encouraged to to share within worship over the coming weeks. Pastor Lindsay Ginn shares his experience as a Pastor; Mary Riley shares her experience as a Lay Preacher; Rev Andy Broadbent shares his experiences as a Deacon; and Rev Lorraine Stokes shares her experiences as a Minister of the Word.

There are also videos available from Carolyn Ebell, talking about the Period of Discernment, and Rev Hannes Halgren, sharing his experience as becoming a Uniting Church WA Minister from another denomination.

The Ministry Expo 2021 is a free event that will take place from 7.00 to 9.00pm on Thursday 20 May at St Andrew’s Uniting Church, Perth. RSVP by Monday 17 May to candidates.ministry@wa.uca.org.au.

You are also welcome to join the event via Zoom and will be sent a link following registration. Please advise whether you are joining in-person or via Zoom when you register.

Find out more information and download a flyer on the Uniting Church WA website.

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