Recipe: Sugar Easter Eggs

Last year, Revive online published a story from Rockingham Uniting Church about an amazing fundraising effort they held for the Uniting Church in Australia’s National Disaster Relief Fund, supporting people affected by bushfires. Rev Norm and his wife Freda Hogg made Sugar Easter Eggs and sold them at their local shopping centre, raising an impressive $10 000.

This year, Norm and Freda have shared their process with you, so you can make your own Easter treats!

Norm and Freda said the Easter eggs are easy to make, but it’s a very time consuming as each process must dry before continuing to the next stage.


1kg castor sugar
Food colouring
Royal icing
You will also need an Easter egg mould, available from craft or baking supply stores.


Mix a few drops of the food colouring with a small glass of water to your desired colour.
Put the castor sugar in a bowl and add 3tbs of the coloured water. Mix well, either by hand or with an electric mixer. If the colour is not mixed enough the egg will turn out patchy.
Press the sugar mix into the egg mould very firmly to avoid any cracks, and level it off with a flat straight blade.
Put a piece of baking paper onto the mould before turning over onto a flat board or tray.
Leave the eggs to dry for several hours (they will take longer to dry on a humid day).
When they are dry enough to hold, very carefully scrape out the moist centre and leave to completely dry overnight. The sugar you scrape out can be stored airtight to be used to make smaller  eggs.
When the sugar is completely dry, fill with chocolates and other sweets.
Join two halves together with the Royal icing, pipe around the join, then decorate any way you like… the sky is the limit!

Have you got a favourite recipe? Send it in to or mail them to Revive magazine, GPO Box M952, Perth, 6843.

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