COVID-19 Prayer Wall for others

The onset and rapid escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, and around the world, led to widespread changes and restrictions for workplaces, industry, social gatherings, recreation and households. For many, this unprecedented and changeable situation led to a heightened sense of worry, fear, isolation, anxiety and panic.

In challenging, troubling and uncertain times like these, it is crucial that we come together as a community in love and peace, however we can, and remember that we belong to each other and that we are stronger together. From Monday 23 to Friday 27 March, as a school community, Penrhos College came together in spirit and we created a Prayer Wall in the Chapel. Across the week, in classrooms and in the Chapel, students and staff were invited to write a prayer, to share their thoughts or hopes, or even draw a picture – whatever was meaningful and helpful for them at the time.

Each day, contributions were gathered and posted on the wall. Across the week, students and staff shared so many inspiring prayers and hopes, and beautiful artwork.

Together, we prayed for others – for family and friends, for doctors and nurses, for the sick and their loved ones, for a treatment or vaccine, for businesses and workers, for leaders and governments, and for places around the world. We shared our hopes and dreams – for peace and positivity, for health and safety, for patience while we wait, for more gratitude, for love and kindness to spread, and that God would watch over us all.

Prayer can help us voice – to ourselves, to others, to God, to the universe – our deepest concerns and highest hopes amidst the circumstances we face. And once voiced, we may find greater calm, clarity and resolve to persevere and prevail.

Rev Claire Pickering, Chaplain at Penrhos College


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