Copyright update: Live-streaming

Margaret Johnston, Culture of Safety Research Officer for the Uniting Church WA, provides a copyright update, to the article she shared last week.

The copyright agency OneLicense is offering a Limited Podcast/Streaming License which will be of interest for those of you who pre-record self-made content or live stream services over the internet. It allows the streaming of as many services as you like for one year from 16 April 2020.

With this licence you have permission to both pre-record self-made content and self-made content that is streamed live. Your content can then be posted to your website, YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Vimeo, Instagram, and other forms of internet-based communication.

However, there are limitations. Please do not use any commercial masters, for example, any recordings on YouTube not made by you, as they are not covered by any licence available from OneLicense (or CCLI). Permission must be sought directly from the owner of the recording if you really want to use it.

And, if you choose to obtain the podcast/streaming licence only, you are not permitted to provide other custom worship aids such as links to, projection or display of lyrics; if you want to do this an Annual License with a podcast/Streaming License is available at a discounted cost.

More detailed information can be obtained from OneLicense here.

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