Explore your call at the Ministry Expo

Do you feel God may be calling you to ministry in the Uniting Church WA? Do you want more information on the various possibilities for ministry for both lay and ordained in the Uniting Church? Are you seeking to deepen your relationship with God and discern God’s calling to you?

The Uniting Church WA Ministry Expo will help you to explore all of this and more.

Following up on the first successful Ministry Expo held last year, the next event will take place online on Friday 15 May, 7.00pm.

Rev Bev Fabb, speaking on behalf of the Candidates for the Ministries Committee, who are the organisers of this event, said that as many Uniting Church WA Ministers retire and congregations struggle to afford a Minister, now more than ever the church needs to be training new Ministers and Lay Leaders.

“This is a crucial time in the life of our church when we all need to be actively promoting a call to ministry,” Bev said. “In recent months, several experienced ordained Ministers have retired and others plan to do so in the near future. We need to be recruiting and training new Ministers to take their place.

“As fewer congregations can afford an ordained minister, we need more trained Lay Leaders who can provide congregational leadership.”

In a changing world, Bev said the church also needs to be thinking about new mission opportunities, and the training of ministry leaders should reflect that.

“As opportunities arise for new mission possibilities, we also need people who can pioneer new ministry, develop Fresh Expressions and plant new faith communities,” she said.

The Ministry Expo will give people interested in exploring ministry with the Uniting Church WA a chance to hear people talk about the ministries they are involved in with plenty of time to ask questions. There’ll also be information on how to engage in a Period of Discernment – a year-long journey of seriously considering God’s call on your life.

“Now more than ever we need to be helping members to discern their gifts and their calling and access the training and mentoring they need to move into new ministries,” Bev said.

The Ministry Expo will be held on Friday 15 May, 7.00pm, via a Zoom link. Click ‘going’ at the Facebook event, or visit the Uniting Church WA website. Watch these videos for more information, or to register attendance, email candidates.ministry@wa.uca.org.au.

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