‘The Stations’ online provide Easter reflection

With Easter approaching and physical worship gatherings not taking place due to restrictions amid the COVID-19 outbreak, churches are preparing to acknowledge and celebrate Easter in a whole new way.

Rev Don Dowling, retired Minister and member at Margaret River Uniting Church, has made available a series of video resources which could be used for personal reflection or online group discussions, themed around the 2014 Stations of the Cross Art Exhibition, held at Uniting Church in the City, Wesley Perth.

The Stations of the Cross Art Exhibition, which ran for 7 years, invited artists to each respond to one of the 15 stations in the Easter story. The exhibition sparked conversations on life, suffering, death and hope, reaching people from all walks of life in Perth.

In 2014, Don filmed interviews with each of the artists who participated that year as they reflected on the Easter story and the work they produced for the exhibition.

Don said the videos could provide a resource for people to watch on their own, or to share with their networks and groups to engage in online discussion.

“Each video is only a few minutes,” Don said. “There are 15 short videos and each of them is one station of the cross taken from the 2014 Stations of the Cross Art Exhibition.

“When we did the first art exhibition, the whole purpose was to open up conversations about the journey of faith, life, living and death.

“It’s a good way of thinking about Easter. These can be used at any time as well because they relate to life situations; the artists are talking about their own life experience. Out of their life experience they’ve produced a work which hopefully opens up conversation.”

Click here to access all 15 videos, and feel free to share the links in your online gatherings and worship resources over Easter.

Is your church sharing worship, pastoral care or activities in a new way since the COVID-19 outbreak? Let us know so that we can share it! Email revive@wa.uca.org.au.

Heather Dowling



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