Easy Date Slice

Uniting Churches in WA have some of the best morning teas and we want to share them!

Not just a time for enjoying each other’s company, church morning teas or spreads for special events are a tasty affair.

This Easy Date Slice recipe was sent in from Maureen Skeet, member of Rockingham Uniting Church. This slice has never failed her!

Bring along a plate to your Christmas function this year, your friends and family will love you for it. Just make sure it is kept in the fridge and eaten fresh, as it does contain raw egg.


1 Cup of Sugar
250g of chopped dates
250g of Butter
One egg
Half a packet of Arnotts Marie Biscuits
Desiccated coconut


Melt the sugar, chopped dates and the butter in a saucepan on low heat until it is ‘gooey’.

Beat in the egg, and then crush the Marie Biscuits and stir in.

Line a 20cm lamington tray with baking paper, and spread the mixture evenly into the tray.

Refrigerate until it sets.

Once cooled, cut into slices and toss each slice in the desiccated coconut.

Have you got a favourite recipe? Send it in to revive@wa.uca.org.au or mail them to Revive magazine, GPO Box M952, Perth, 6843.

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