Editorial: We’re back!

After a short hiatus, Revive magazine is back in print with a brand new look. We’ve made a few changes to the structure and layout of the magazine, as well as the distribution; we’ll now be printing four times a year, instead of six.

One of my favourite additions to Revive is the recipe section on page 25. Not because I love cooking (actually, I hate it!), but because I love church morning teas. My brother, Phil, often jokes that being at a church event is the only time we ever get to eat curried egg sandwiches anymore. And I think he’s probably right.

We get so many contributions to Revive about events held at Uniting Church WA congregations with a line at the end congratulating the people in the kitchen for an amazing job. They’re  obviously well appreciated in their churches, and I thought it was about time these women and men got a chance to feature some of their skills and share them with all of us across WA.

Our first recipe comes from Beth Swallow at York Uniting Church. I baked up her Apple and Cinnamon Slice one Sunday with my son and it was not only surprisingly easy to make, it was also super tasty! My kids ate the whole lot in a couple of sittings.

We want to feature your recipe in our next edition, so please send them in!

I’m also open to contributions of other arts and crafts too. Have you written a knitting pattern, a cross-stitch design or sewn a church banner? What about a worship song or a poem? We’d love to feature it!

We also value all your letters, contributions and feedback. Write to us at revive@wa.uca.org.au, or at Revive Magazine, GPO Box M952, Perth, 6843.

Thanks for all your feedback on Revive during our Communication Survey; we read and considered all your comments, and we hope you enjoy your new publication.

Here’s to your new look Revive! Cheers!

Heather Dowling, Editor

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