Gather round the barbie to support our farmers


You can make a real difference to our farmers by hosting a Great Outback BBQ.

After a record hot start to 2019 and a soul-destroying dry Winter forecast, Frontier Services is calling on all congregations to host a Great Outback BBQ in support of our farmers who have been affected by drought, fires and floods.

Last year, people from all over Australia gathered around the barbie during the month of September to raise funds for our farmers doing it tough.

This Autumn has been one of the hottest since records began, and the winter forecast predicts no relief from drought. The situation for our farmers is worsening, so the aim for the 2019 Great Outback BBQ is to top the $187 000 raised last spring.

“It’s about mateship, solidarity, and recognition that our hardworking farmers are doing it tough and need our support,” says Jannine Jackson, National Director of Frontier Services.

“Gathering around the barbie, sizzling up some snags, and raising some funds is a fun and easy way to show our farmers that we are with them. That’s what mateship is all about.

“The Great Outback BBQ is held during the month of September, but we are asking everyone to register today so that we can plan with certainty to support those who desperately need a hand.

“This year our goal is to raise $200 000 so we can send more Bush Chaplains and Outback Links volunteers to provide practical and pastoral support to people in remote Australia, especially our farmers.”

2019 is hottest driest year on record

The Great Outback BBQ will help farmers across Australia who are heading into their third year of drought.

Records were shattered across WA during this autumn. Roebourne WA recorded the hottest temperature in any autumn anywhere in Australia with 48.1 degrees set on March 10. Meanwhile, Mandora, also in WA, registered 38.8 degrees on May 22, the hottest reading on record for the month of May.

Rainfall has also been poor, with Perth trailing only 1972 and 2009 as the driest start to any year since records began in 1910.

Farmers facing third year of drought devastation

Greg and Bethany from Bingnara were one of the farming families visited by Frontier Services volunteers last month. They are living with the impact of drought every day, and the end is not in sight.

This is by far the worst that I’ve ever seen. There are a lot of people around the area that are running out of water, they’re running out of feed.

“We’ve been hand feeding the cattle that we have for 12 months at least now… ok at the start but day after day after day… yeah we’re wishing it would end.”

Bush Chaplains from Frontier Services visit thousands of farmers on remote properties every year. In many areas the bush chaplain is the only on-the-ground support service. Meanwhile their Outback Links program connects volunteers from all across the country and all walks of life, with people in remote Australia who have a specific need for practical help or respite.

Register to host at or call Frontier Services on 1300 787 247.

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