Bringing winter warmth

When you are experiencing homelessness, winter in Perth can seem endless. For UnitingCare West, the onset of winter has seen an increase in the numbers of people seeking assistance.

People like Cam. Cam owned property, ran successful businesses and even won the lotto. A workplace accident, loss of employment and divorce quickly took him from riches to rags.

“After the accident it was very hard to get any employment and when you’re not working, it’s like a revolving door you can’t get off,” Cam said.

“I was sleeping in public toilets, with my bags in a shopping trolley. I had to be out at 5.00am when the cleaners turned up. It was frightening and dangerous.”

Cam was encouraged to visit UnitingCare West’s Tranby Centre, and their Housing Accommodation Support Service team were able to help Cam find a place to call home.

More than 200 people visit the Uniting Care West Tranby Centre each day from Monday to Saturday, 7.00am to 2.00pm. UnitingCare West walks alongside these people, helping them to build their strengths and access the supports they need.

UnitingCare West would like to walk a lot further with each person.

So, during Homelessness Week 2019 (4 to 10 August), they’re aiming to open Tranby Centre seven days a week, from 7.00am to 7.00pm.

They want these extended opening hours to become permanent as part of their commitment to ending homelessness in WA, creating a system of consistent coverage and providing more opportunities for intervention and support.

Every $50 is an extra quarter hour of opening time. That makes a real difference for 200+ people every day.

You can be a part of this bold initiative to help people connect to community and transition from homelessness. Let’s keep the doors open at Tranby 7-7, 7 days each week.

Thank you for empowering people in our community to live a life of belonging, hope and purpose.

Click here for more information or to donate.

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