Messages from the aether: ideas and resources for Easter

This month, Heather Dowling shares some online resources and ideas for Easter.

Do you ever tell yourself that this Easter you’ll buy FairTrade eggs, but then leave it to the last minute and you miss out? I know I do.

There’s really no excuse though, with this handy list. FairTrade Australia New Zealand have put together this great blog listing the brands who use fair trade chocolate in their Easter eggs, and where you can buy them. Think Aldi, Ferrero, Oxfam and more.

Plus, the FairTrade website has so much more information on why we need fair trade products and where you can get them. Did you know Ben & Jerry’s sell FairTrade ice-cream? All the more reason to eat up and show them our support. Yum!

The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand have a great website for children’s ministry: This review, however, is not so much for their website, but for their amazing Pinterest board for Lent and Easter. It’s jam-packed full of awesome craft, cooking, games and worship ideas for kids during the season. There’s even some memes and Easter reflections that you could use to start some meaningful conversations with the young people in your life.

It hasn’t been updated in a while, but the ideas are still fresh and worth taking a look at. Actually, if you’re interested in ministry with young people, check out their other Pinterest boards while you’re there as well.

Looking for something different to do this Easter? Why not try orienteering!

Orienteering Western Australia are holding a program of seven events over nine days in Perth, Beverley, Dryandra and Narrogin. The Easter program is part of the Australian Easter Carnival 2019, and entries are open now.

Orienteering is an all-ages sport involving participants using a map and compass to navigate a marked course. And it looks like a whole lot of fun for groups of all ages.

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