Messages from the aether: World Water Day

World Water Day is a United Nations observance highlighting the need for sustainable use and sourcing of water around the world. This year it is held on Friday 22 March. Heather Dowling shares these resources to help you stay informed.

The official United Nations site for World Water Day includes everything you need to know about why ensuring ‘availability and sustainable management of water for all by 2030’ is one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This year’s theme is ‘Leaving no one behind’.

Access to safe water is a human right, but billions of people around the world are currently living without it. The site includes resources, stories from around the world and amazing images.

The Water Corporation, WA’s State Government water management body, has all kinds of information on their site for WA residents, schools, and the community. Everything you need as a consumer of WA’s water is easily accessible, but on top of their own planning, commitments and structure, they have some great tools and resources for schools, and lots of tips for how to save water and protect our precious waterways – for businesses and residents. There’s even a number of online water efficiency training courses you can take, to get a better understanding of how water is managed and how you can save and protect our local water.

Who doesn’t love National Geographic? Well known for their amazing global images and articles, they also have a great feature, Your Shot, where photographers around the world can upload and share their pictures.

Photographers submit images according to themes and each weekday, National Geographic curates their favourite 12 photos into a gallery. Users can vote for their favourites too, giving the photographers more exposure.

Check out these amazing and moving pictures, uploaded to Your Shot from all over world, recognising #worldwaterday.

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