Having a ball in Bidyadanga

Bidyadanga’s La Grant Remote Community School, within an Aboriginal community 180km south of Broome, approached Good Samaritan Industries (GSI) last year, for attire for their end of year ball. GSI is a Uniting Church WA agency providing employment opportunities for people living with disability, largely through their opshops around the state.

Sheree Ford, dedicated teacher at the school said the annual ball is an important event on the school calendar.

“Each year our 40 high school students celebrate the end of their school year with a ball,” she said. “Their families attend and we cook them a sit down meal and they have family portraits taken  and then a dance. It is a big deal to the community and it really makes the students feel valued and special for an evening.”

However, access to evening wear in Bidyadanga is difficult, so GSI helped out by sorting and sending dresses, dress shirts, pants and ties for the occasion. The students looked spectacular and the evening was a great success.

Top image: istock

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