Help shape a new intern program for WA

The Commission for Education for Discipleship and Leadership (CEDAL) is inviting young adults in the Uniting Church WA to take part in a survey exploring a yearlong intern program.

In researching an intern program in WA, Dr Elaine Ledgerwood, Presbytery Minister Education and Training, has reached out to other Uniting Church Synods and reviewed their material. She is now asking interested WA
people, including parents, youth leaders and ministers, about what they might like included in a WA based program.

“Generally, these programs for young adults have three elements: education, formation for ministry, and ministry experience,” Elaine said. “Some have additional inclusions that are useful, such as first aid training.

“Naturally, how we approach these elements will affect the cost of the program, which may in turn affect which young people are able to participate.

“As with all such surveys, the more responses I get, the better the quality of the data.”

To take part in this survey, visit

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