The Holy Book

Lilian Parker, from Boyup Brook Uniting Church, wrote this poem and shared it with her congregation during worship. It was so loved in church, that she was encouraged to send it in to Revive to share with the wider Uniting Church WA.

The Holy Book

What is this book, old yet new
This book mastered by just a few
A book of knowledge a book of love
A book of death, joy, no matter, never enough

In this book you’ll find how to live and live right
Following its directions keeping its words insight
Many stories for you to peruse and enjoy
Perfect for children, girl or boy.

There are sad yet wonderful events to be read
Some like poetry with lots to be said.
Prophecy, future told by many an interesting man
The books of Moses tell how it all began.

The history of our past is sometimes hard to bear
But read on to the Gospels and you won’t care.
History of the Church by St Paul in the book of Acts.
Many books of letters written on truth and facts.

This book tells of a man born like us to a girl
A man of purity, healing, sinless, miracles unfurl.
A teacher of life, doing marvellous things
Dying on the cross, our salvation he brings

Then we read about the future in Revelation
It is the final book from the birth of creation.
What is this book that made such impacts
A book written without error, complete with all its facts.

A collection of 66 books filled with God’s word to you and me,
Over one thousand and five hundred years and forty writers to make it be.
It is the Bible, the Good News, a message to get into our face,
It is the truth, God-breathed, unabridged, filled with God’s grace.

Lilian Parker

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