Pinjarra supports the Great Outback

On a lovely Spring day in September, Pinjarra Uniting Church held a Great Outback BBQ and Worship Service, to raise funds for Frontier Services, an agency of the Uniting Church in Australia, supporting people in the outback.

Rev John Dihm, Remote Area Ministry Tom Price, was to be the guest speaker, but due to a family bereavement, he was unable to attend. As usual in country circles, the locals stepped in and had the ‘Outback’ theme threaded through the whole service; including wearing jeans and check shirts. The front of the church was decorated with broad hats, riding whips, blankets, saddles and bush foliage. It looked terrific.

We were reminded of the resilience of the people of the bush and how tough some were doing. It brought home to us how important the work of Frontier Services is for families, and for workers who are away from their families, such as ‘fly in, fly out’ staff who live part-time in mining camps. The financial offerings from the service went to Frontier Services to support the Chaplains for their ever increasing needs for fuel for vehicles and air services.

After a morning tea of damper, we all made our way up the hill towards Dwellingup to a local farm which was kindly offered for a BBQ lunch. A great time of fun and fellowship followed, many  stories were told and friendships renewed. Even the cattle came to the fence to see what all the noise was about. Children played in the grass and flower strewn meadow, birds sung overhead, and  God was present in all our doings.

A big bucket was offered for any wishing to donate further, and it was agreed that ‘it all helps’ as we have so many resources at our fingertips, and whatever we give in God’s name is always  returned to us in abundance.

There is still time for your church to hold an Outback BBQ. A kit can be obtained by registering online at or call 1300 787 247.

Gill Muir

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