Tongan thank you

Two years ago Scarborough Uniting Church welcomed into its church family Sione and Ana Lea’aetoa and their three children, Silesa, Susana and Lemoto.

The April 2018 issue of Revive told the story of Sione’s journey towards ordained ministry. Ana is also going through a Period of Discernment this year.

Ana’s father, Rev Beni Lalahi, is a minister in Tonga. The ministry he is undertaking focuses on vulnerable families, elderly people and prison ministry. Scarborough Uniting Church, through Ana, is supporting the children in his church with prayers and gifts.

When details of the devastation in Tonga following cyclone Gita were made known, it was decided that because of our association with  Ana and Sione, and Tony Latu – also worshipping in Scarborough and also going through a Period of Discernment this year – the Scarborough and Watermans Bay churches would send financial  help to Beni to assist people in the mission work he is doing.

Beni and Latai Lalahi recently came to Perth and attended a service at Scarborough Uniting Church to say a personal thank you for the donation. His heartfelt ‘thanks’ were delivered in Tongan and Sione translated.

Ana’s parents, Sione and Ana, and Tony sung a hymn in Tongan, and in harmony, which was very beautiful. A gift of the Tongan Coat of Arms was presented to our congregation to remind us they were praying for us.

Delys Griffith

Top image: Latai Lalahi and Rev Beni Lalahi pictured with the Tongan Coat of Arms presented to Scarborough Uniting Church.

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