Royal Commission an opportunity to shape the future

UnitingCare Australia has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of a Royal Commission into aged care.

Claerwen Little, National Director of UnitingCare Australia, stated that the services of the Uniting Church in Australia supports action to ensure the safety of older people in our community, and all people in residential aged care settings.

“As an organisation, we are proud of our history in aged care and the contribution that our services have made in communities over many decades. We stand by the quality of the services that we provide and welcome action to ensure all older people share the broader community expectations of quality, choice and control in their lives,” she said.

“Australia has an ageing population, and we believe that we are seeing a shift in aspirations and expectations in the Australian community which needs to be addressed.”

This Royal Commission is an opportunity to have a conversation about the value of older people and the adequacy of funding and the system in place to support them. It’s an opportunity for people to tell their story and receive some further closure as we have seen in recent commissions.

It is also a chance to recognise:

  • the breadth of issues that relate to an individual’s experience of ageing;
  • the human rights to safety, autonomy, privacy and self-determination as valued and participating members of the community;
  • the valued and important contribution of thousands of workers, volunteers and carers across the country; and
  • the need for a sustainable service system, accessible to all older Australians that meets their needs, goals and aspirations and that enhances their quality of life.

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