Review: Marathon Wheeler

Marathon Wheeler, by Heather S Coombes, Westbow Press, 2014

Now retired with the leisure of hindsight, Heather Coombes reflects upon her marathon journey in a wheelchair for the purpose of enriching life for those obliged to follow a similar rocky path.  Born with cerebral palsy, Coombes traces her family background to acknowledge the strength and inspiration she has received from the family into which she was born.

The author reflects on her adolescent turmoils in the years of her childhood and adolescence. Despite her father being the parish minister, her teenage thoughts were her own as she tried to make sense of being born into a body with physical disadvantages.

The ministry of Rev Heather S Coombes, BA, BTh, Dip Lib as a Theological Librarian, then a long-time Aged Care Chaplain in two Uniting Aged Care Centres should be well known. She had achieved the status of an experienced wise mentor in aged care and disability issues.

Coombes turns from her special autobiography extending over half a century to list a number of down-to-earth hints for anyone associated with disability through the day. Among these I recognise numerous bloopers I’ve committed over the years, but I am to learn from my mistakes.

Christopher Ridings

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