Trayning Uniting Church celebrates 50

Trayning Uniting Church is celebrating 50 years of worship in their building; however their history begins well before that, in 1911. Their current building was erected in 1968.

A celebration was held at the church, with Valda Knott, Community Minister, delivering a short history of the congregation.

“Ray Perry began services on his bike taking some four weeks to cover the area,” she said. “Kahl and Couper were running a blacksmith shop and on Sundays this was reverted to the church with the anvil becoming the altar for communion.  We begin though, with Joe and Jean Atkinson in 1947, but realistically the protestant churches began some 107 years ago.”

“It was decided to pull down the old church which had been transferred for use as the Sunday School, and this building went up 50 years ago,” Val continued. “In 1974 the Kununoppin church members moved to Trayning.  We had two Anglican ministers conducting services.”

With such a long history, Trayning Uniting Church still plays a role in the local community.

“In 2002 I was commissioned as a Community Minister for the Central Wheatbelt and in that time have married 34 couples, baptised 24 and conducted 76 funerals,” Val said. “I would especially like to thank David and Eileen and Shirley Hagboom from Dowerin for airing the organ. Now we rely on CDs for our services.

“We pray we can continue the work of our Lord in this area forever.”

The family of one of the congregation’s early ministers, Rev Robert Greenhalgh, were present at the celebration, and rang the bells at the beginning of the service. Gifts were presented to Rev David Oxley and his wife, and organist Shirley Hagboom, from Dowerin. All guests received a book mark to remember the occasion.

A detailed history of the church was on display in the foyer and guests enjoyed a delicious lunch and celebratory cake.

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