Church installation at Toodyay Fibre Festival

If you are looking for a quiet life in retirement, don‘t move to the country. However, if you wish to be part of the community you live in there is no better place to live than a small rural town.

Toodyay is such a place.

During the year in Toodyay there are four major festivals plus a monthly Farmers Market, and then of course there are four churches and numerous clubs which you can join.

A casual comment was made one Sunday that perhaps Toodyay Uniting Church could think about contributing to the displays at the upcoming Fibre Festival, which was held recently in June.

Two women in our congregation belong to a quilting group which meets in our church hall; they assured me that we could turn the idea I had into reality.

Over the next three months our vision became a reality with the help of the other members of the group and the congregation. There were a few false starts however in the end we came up with our contribution to the Fibre Festival – a giant fabric art installation.

Then came the difficult part: where and how we would display it. No one could decide on where and how it should be hung, but at last common sense prevailed and we found the perfect place on the front brick wall of the church hall.

The interaction between the congregation and visitors to the Fibre Festival was amazing as it led to a variety of conversations. It was a really great day and one that we will be involved with next year.

Sheena Hesse

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