Messages from the aether: Move over Netflix!

Move over Netflix! Elsa Samuel picks these high quality, legal, trusted TV and movie streaming sites that are vying for your attention. Happy binge watching.
Crackle is a movie streaming site owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, so the flow of new content from Sony keeps Crackle continuously updated. Though Crackle’s selection is not as extensive as other similar services like Netflix, it does offer interesting choices. The only downside to Crackle are the advertisements. If you can tolerate the ad breaks and a smaller selection of TV shows and movies, register for an account and start streaming. Crackle has free apps for just about any device too.
Popcornflix is a digital streaming channel offering over 1 000 free movies and TV shows to watch on all your devices. This site is owned by Screen Media Ventures, a global independent motion picture distribution company. The best part is that you don’t need to create an account to sign up. Simply surf and watch. The site is mobile friendly and supports both Android and iOS. Also in the Popcornflix family are: FrightPix, to serve you horror, Popcornflixkids, great for kids’ movies and family programs and Popcornflix Comedy which is packed with comedy goodness.
Yidio, short for Your Internet Video is different to Popcornflix and Crackle, as it gathers movies from other services such as Netflix, iTunes, Crackle and more. This means you may have to leave the Yidio site to watch a show and not every movie or TV show is free, though you can filter the results to free TV shows and movies. Another smart feature is you can sort movies and TV shows by  rating and genre – an option you may not find in other movie streaming sites. Its app is available for most devices, and signing up is easy through email or Facebook.

Elsa Samuel

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