Messages from the aether: Lifelong learners

Become a lifelong learner with these mental enriching sites, tried and tested by Elsa Samuel.
Improve your writing skills with Grammarly, a writing enhancement software. I use Grammarly for Chrome and love it! Grammarly scans your texts such as assignments, social media posts and emails for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors and provides an explanation for correction, allowing you to learn and make an informed decision about the correction. The free account offers a basic grammar and spelling check, whilst a premium account offers  advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, sentence structure, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, a plagiarism detector and more. The  Grammarly Blog is packed with insightful, fun and light-hearted tips to improve your writing skills.
Download the Coursera App to learn a new skill in four to six weeks, at your own pace. Coursera (at the time of print) has 24 million registered users and offers more than 2 000 online courses from top universities like Stanford and Yale. Some courses are free and some range between USD$29 to $99. It does require a level of commitment to complete a course, as you will need to attend recorded video lectures, complete assignments that are auto-graded and peer-reviewed and participate in community discussion forums. Once you’ve completed a course, you’ll receive a sharable electronic certificate to highlight your new skills on your resume or LinkedIn page.
Ever been accused of pronouncing a word incorrectly? Commonly mispronounced words like ‘Cockburn’, ‘flour’ and ‘Ibuprofen’ can be embarrassing. To  avoid a repeat situation, check out, a free online audio pronunciation guide to learn how to pronounce words, names, places, drugs, medical terminology and much more correctly. Learn pronunciation in different languages too, such as French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch and more.

Elsa Samuel

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