God’s garden flourishing in Mundijong

On Sunday 29 October a group from Mt Pleasant Uniting Church travelled to Mundijong Heritage Uniting Church for a day of fellowship and worship.

The visit was the second this year by the Mt Pleasant group. On this occasion, the day was celebrated by a beautiful shared lunch which was provided and cooked on-site by the visitors, using produce from the community garden which is situated in the grounds surrounding the church.

The community garden was a starting point for the revitalisation of the abandoned Uniting Church building some nine years ago, following a community meeting to discuss the state of the building and grounds. The garden now flourishes and is a gathering point for gardeners each Saturday morning. It is an open garden and is used frequently by locals as a meeting point, a picnic spot or just somewhere to sit quietly and take time out in the day.

Over the nine years the local committee have fundraised and worked towards the restoration of the building which was at serious risk of collapse. We have had much support from the local community both in Mundijong and the wider Christian community in Perth, such as MMM, a mission organisation operating throughout Australia and neighbouring countries. MMM supports Christian ministries by providing building, maintenance and other practical services, and has assisted in several components.

Having a safe and usable place to gather has meant so much to all us locals and the support from Uniting Church members has been encouraging to us all. The church and garden is rarely idle – with a mosaic group, Bible study, gardening groups, AA groups, worship and the many people who visit the garden to enjoy.

Gordon Smith

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