From the Archives: who’s the mod?

This year the Uniting Church in Australia celebrates its 40th anniversary. Throughout 2017, Revive will feature significant events in the life of the church during that time.

The role of Moderator is the spiritual and pastoral leader of the Synod. The Moderator is often a spokesperson on behalf of the Uniting Church WA and might speak out on certain justice or political issues which members of the church are passionate about. The Moderator also leads annual Meetings of the Synod of WA and provides oversight on a number of issues.

Moderators of the Uniting Church WA include:

Sir Ron Wilson (1977–1979)
Rev David Oxley (1979-1981)
Rev Geoffrey Blyth (1981-1983)
Rev Dr Michael Owen (1983-1985)
Beryl Grant (1985-1987)
Rev James Moody (1987-1989)
Rev Philip Hulbert (1989-1991)
Captain Geoffrey Monks (1991-1993)
Lillian Hadley (1993-1996)
Rev John Dunn (1996-1999)
Elizabeth Burns (1999-2002)
Rev Gemmel Sherwood (2002-2005)
Robert Watson (2005-2008)
Rev Ken Williams (2008-2011)
Rev Ron Larkin (2011-2014)
Rev Steve Francis (2014-2017)
Rev Steve Francis (2017-present).

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