Messages from the aether

This year, Anti-Poverty Week runs from 15 – 21 October. Elsa Samuel shares her picks of poverty fighter campaigns.
UnitingWorld is an agency of the National Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia that connects people and church communities in Australia, the Pacific, Asia and Africa to create strong partnerships in overcoming poverty. Their website is brimming with fundraising opportunities and online donations. My personal favourite is their cleverness to craft powerful anti-poverty stories and campaigns such as the Freedom from Poverty in West Timor, Bali and Zimbabwe.
If you are looking to learn more about causes and where you’d like to pitch in, Caritas Australia (CA) is worth checking out. CA is the world’s largest humanitarian network and has partnerships with local communities in 35 countries, 195 long-term programs and 143 partnerships throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, Indigenous Australia and the Pacific. In short, they are big fighters of poverty and basic human rights regardless of ethnicity, political beliefs or religion. Their blog is an awesome way to find out more and how you can help, for example through volunteering, fundraising, monetary donations and causes that might interest you.
Help reduce hunger in Australia by checking out Food Rescue, a UnitingCare West program dedicated to feeding the disadvantaged and alleviating hunger. You can make a donation or volunteer to support this service. A common misconception is that only homeless people living in poverty require food relief. High risk groups include people with disabilities, refugees and Indigenous Australians – 33% from these groups are children. According to the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), more than 730,000 children are living in poverty, which is about one in six children in Australia.

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