5 ways to celebrate spring

From cute koala hugging to yummy fruit picking, Elsa Samuel brings you some educational and affordable ways to keep the kids in your life entertained this spring.

  1. Build a worm farm

Worm farms are an eco-friendly project that introduces nature’s superpowers to kids, while turning kitchen scraps into nutrient rich compost for your garden. Worms make our soil rich and aerated, so plants can grow abundantly. Your budding naturalist can start their DIY worm farm using free and recycled materials. For wormy inspiration visit gardening4kids.com.au/guest-post-worm-farms-for-kids or childhood101.com/worm-farm-how-to.

2.  Animal encounters 

The best Australian entertainment for kids can be found in wildlife. Some places worth visiting are: Denmark Animal Farm and Pentland Alpaca Stud, Sunflowers Animal Farm, Peel Zoo, Greenough Wildlife and Bird Park, the Aquarium of Western Australia, Penguin Island, Caversham Wildlife Park and Perth Zoo, a WA icon filled with naturalistic exhibits and home to 1200 animals.

3.  Fruit picking

Fruit picking gives the energetic ones the freedom to run around while biting into a fresh fruit straight from the tree! It’s also convenient that WA is known for its beautiful orchards and berry farms, dripping with fruit. Entry is normally $8 to $10 per fruit box and $2 per person. To find a farm or orchard in WA, visit these websites: buggybuddys.com.au/things-to-do/fruit-picking-perth, pickyourown.org/australiawestern.htm and apieceofperth.com/pick-your-own-fruit-in-perth.

4. Whale watching

If you are thinking of treating the kids, whale watching may do the trick. West Australians are so fortunate to have whale watching all year round! Perth, Augusta, Albany, Margaret River, Bremer Bay and Busselton, all have whale watching cruises that will give you first-class views of these gentle giants. The best time to observe Humpback, Southern Right and Blue Whales is at midday, when the sun is directly overhead. Check out rottnestfastferries.com.au or whales-australia.com.au for further information.

5. Self-guided tours

Take a self-guided tour with the kids and start exploring our extraordinary WA! You can be a tourist in your own city or get creative by customising your own adventures. If you live in Perth, some ideas include visiting the historic buildings of Fremantle, a day-trip to the Pinnacles Desert or explore Perth’s iconic beaches in a day. For more elaborate tours, it’s worth visiting the South West region and plan a little escape. So many tours, so little time

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