Messages from the aether: Ethical retail therapy

If you’re looking to partake in some retail therapy while making the world just a little bit better, Elsa Samuel is here to help. Here’s her top picks for happy, ethical shopping.

Good Sammy’s or check out their Facebook page
We at Revive, love op-shopping! According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2009/10, Australians send 500,000 tonnes of leather and textiles waste to landfill yearly. Which is why op-shop retailers like Good Sammy’s are fantastic. They’re a great way to avoid buying new and prevent perfectly good cast-offs being dumped into landfill. Good Sammy’s operate 26 stores across WA  which stock second-hand wonders like clothes, household goods and furniture. Good Sammy’s is run by Good Samaritan Industries, a Uniting Church WA agency, founded to provide employment choices for people with disabilities. Good Sammy’s alone creates employment for 279 people living with disabilities.

La Vida Vegan
If you aspire to support a cruelty-free lifestyle, pop by La Vida Vegan in Wembley. Lots of 100% animal free products all in one compact place. You’ll find bags, wallets, recipe books, beauty products, household cleaners, vegan cheeses, faux meat products, Asian groceries and sweet treats like vegan cheesecakes – all animal ingredient free. Though some items can be a touch pricey, you can find some cheap goodies on their sale section on their online shop. Opens Monday to Friday, 10.30am– 6.00pm, and Saturdays 10.00am–4.00pm.

Warehouse Café
Perfect for a post-morning ethical shopping jaunt, Warehouse Café in Shenton Park, not only serves yummy food and much-needed coffee – it transforms the lives of the people behind it. The Warehouse Café, run by UnitingCare West, is designed for participants with a disability to gain valuable life skills and confidence in working within a commercial café. The café is open from  7.00am–3.00pm, Tuesdays to Sundays with vegetarian and gluten-free options.

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